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Private GPT Chatbots for Your Website

Private GPT Chatbots for Your Website

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We have developed an innovation that combines ChatGPT and other generative technologies to produce an engaging way of interacting with knowledge of your brand through your website. We combine a private GPT environment using your own data with all the benefits of ChatGPT and allow you interact with your data using voice as input and a select voice as output, similar to how smart speakers work. And, the ultimate prize is using your image or someone who represents your company and brand, add their voice for immersive conversational and interactive AI. 

Some AI-generated images used for attention.

Check out our video below that explains what we are up to.

🧠 What's inside the Private GPT Package?

1. Advanced Setup:

Get a tailor-made GPT environment, to fit perfectly with your business needs.

2. Initial Content Ingestion:

Begin with a rich data foundation. We'll convert and ingest your existing data into the GPT system, ensuring it's ready to deliver insights and efficiency from day one.

3. Fine Tuning: When making an interactive Q&A bot, you'll need to specify the kinds of questions and the answers for those questions. 

4. Specialized Training (Optional)

Don't just own AI technology; master it. Our training empowers your team to utilize the GPT system to its fullest, ensuring you get every bit of value from your investment.

⚙️ Benefits for Your Business:

  • Cutting-Edge Data Analysis: Transform data into decisions. Uncover deep insights and make informed choices faster than ever.

  • Elevated Customer Experiences: Redefine customer interaction with personalized, AI-driven responses, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline processes, reduce manual effort, and refocus your team's energy on growth and innovation.

Note: The onboarding fee is additional and required for all subscriptions. Fine tuning services required per situation.

⚙️ Levels of Interactivity (available as monthly subscriptions)

This is a SaaS solution that rolls all of the cost of development into a neat, inexpensive, monthly cost. And, there is no onboarding fee to get you started.

We offer two flavors of Chatbot:

Website Smart Speaker - this adds smart speaker technology to your website, think Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant), to allow your website visitors to ask their question as if they were on the phone with you, and get an answer spoken back to them. And it recognizes 90 different languages too.

Digital Twin - All of the functionality above except a face to go with the voice, all beautifully synched to the words being spoken. Facial gestures like head movements and eyes blinking add to the realism.

Take your website experience to higher levels, satisfy your website visitors need for information, while also demonstrating your commitment to progressive technology.

Let's get started!

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Quick Answers to Common Queries

What is the Business-class Private GPT Package?

Our Business-class Private GPT Package is an advanced AI solution designed for businesses seeking to enhance their data processing and customer interaction capabilities using the latest in generative AI technology. It includes a comprehensive setup, initial content ingestion, specialized training, and advanced customization to meet specific business needs.

Can this package be customized for any industry?

Absolutely! Our Business-class Private GPT Package is highly adaptable and can be customized to suit the unique demands of various industries, whether it's finance, healthcare, retail, or any other sector.

Is the GPT environment secure?

Yes, security is a top priority. Our Private GPT environment is bolstered by multi-factor authentication and other advanced security measures to ensure your data's safety and confidentiality.

What level of technical expertise is required to use this package?

Our package is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal technical expertise. With our comprehensive training and ongoing support, users of varying technical backgrounds can effectively utilize the system.

What does 'initial content ingestion' mean?

Initial content ingestion refers to the process of converting and organizing your existing data so that it can be effectively processed and utilized by the GPT system. This ensures that your AI tools are equipped with relevant and comprehensive datasets from the start.