HumPre: Human Preservation

A digital agency for next level computational and synthesized media

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  • 🌱 Our Story

    Embarking from its roots as a DevOps and web development firm, HumPre, a division of PILLAR based in New York, has evolved over 28 years to the forefront of generative AI technology. We've transitioned from enhancing small business tech to pioneering in computational and synthesized media, reshaping how businesses and individuals interact with and retrieve data.

  • 🔮 Mission and Vision

    At HumPre, our mission is to elevate businesses and individuals with groundbreaking AI solutions, helping them excel in a competitive digital world. Our vision carves a future where generative AI is integral to business success, transforming customer interactions and knowledge management into an art of efficiency and innovation.

  • 🤝 Our Commitment

    More than technological pioneers, at HumPre, we are committed to using AI as a tool for positive change. By blending advanced AI solutions like Private GPT environments with educational initiatives like our Personal Upgrade Class, we aim to demystify AI, revealing its potential as a beneficial force in both professional and personal realms.

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