In this AI-driven era, humanizing digital experiences is paramount. At Human Preservation (HumPre), our goal is to enhance this aspect. We understand the crucial role of trust since the early days of the web, including both personal and branded websites. However, traditional methods of website development and technology have often fallen short in building this trust.

Numerous versions of chat services, ranging from live operators to automated attendants, have been implemented, yet they frequently fail to provide effective customer service or support. Even though many leading brands have adopted chat services, they often do not deliver substantial value.
Humanization begins with the collection of your data, encompassing all documents created for your company and your customers. We utilize a private GPT platform, bolstered by multi-factor authentication, to ensure security.

We offer natural language processing capabilities, a hallmark of ChatGPT, enabling users to interact with databases as if conversing with an administrator, and receiving responses in natural language. The power of GPT goes beyond simple queries about data; it can assist in identifying patterns or correlations within the data.

Our chat system is immediately accessible and can be utilized internally by your company or embedded on your website, restricted behind a login to serve select groups like customers on an individual basis.

Additionally, the system supports over 90 languages for both input and output, fostering diversity and inclusion. If made available to foreign national customers, this feature greatly enhances the value of your business.

To further humanize the experience, we've developed a multimodal system that allows for spoken queries and auditory responses, enhancing accessibility and equality for all users.
But we don't stop there. We've created a talking head using the foundational GPT engine and cutting-edge cloud computing technology to generate realistic digital avatars. While we see this as the future of web interactions, businesses adopting it today are signaling their commitment to an inclusive and human-like web experience. This technology enables a digital representative, modeled after someone from your company and integrated with your business knowledge, to greet and assist visitors on your website professionally and efficiently, revolutionizing user interaction away from traditional mouse and keyboard searches.


PILLAR Consulting Corporation, renowned for delivering humanized IT support and cutting-edge web-based software development over the past 30 years, proudly introduces Human Preservation as one of its signature services. Our reputation is built on offering exceptional expertise and respectful professionalism in technical support, as evidenced by our enduring customer relationships. Embracing generative AI, we aim to provide innovative solutions that benefit both our existing and new customers. These solutions are designed to enhance their companies' capabilities without the need for a substantial IT budget, ensuring access to world-class technology and support.